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If you haven’t worked with an editor before, you may not have a clear idea of what we do. 

Therefore, we offer a sample edit on a few pages of your own manuscript. 

What will you get in a sample edit?


      Your editor will correct 1,000 words from your manuscript. She’ll  check your text for issues with grammar, spelling, punctuation and word choice.

      • You’ll receive two versions.
        • One version will show the text with the changes that the editor made. These will appear in a different color using Track Changes in Microsoft Word. 
        • The other version is the new, corrected version in which the changes are integrated.

      You can immediately see what is needed to make your book error-free.


      You’ll get useful insights on the common errors you make.

      Further information about the sample edit

      The sample edit costs $30/£30. We’ll refund you this amount when you proceed with a paid feedback or copyedit round with us.  

      * The sample edit will be done on 1,000 words from your text.

      ** To be eligible for a sample edit, your full book/text must be over 7,000 words.

      *** The sample edit is not intended for school or study assignments. In case of doubt, we will ask for the full text.

      To request a sample edit

      • Attach a Word file with the text. This can be your whole book or text, or a chapter from the middle of the book. 
      • If you let us know the word count of your full manuscript, we’ll prepare a no-obligation quotation for you for our services. 
      • We’ll send you the payment details.
      • After payment, you’ll receive the sample edit within two working days.

      In the sample edit, we will correct your use of English. Would you also like a sample edit of our Feedback service? Let us know and we’ll add it at the same time (no extra costs).

      Many thanks to @bookhelpline for their great work copy editing @UXLifecycle – essential final checks before launch.

      Clive Howard

      UX Lifecycle: The Business Guide to Implementing Great Software User Experiences

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      Is your book ready for the next step toward publication? 

      If you think your book is ready for editing, or if you're not sure, email us a chapter from your manuscript and we'll let you  know what the best next step would be. Prefer to call? Phone Ginny on (213) 325-5115.