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A book that your readers love!

You are looking for professional feedback if you want to be sure that your story is engaging to your reader.

Because you won’t get happy readers with a book that isn’t interesting enough or badly structured!

You want to be sure that your book is an enjoyment to read, logically put together, and is really worth your reader’s time and money. 

In other words, you want to end up with a book that deserves to be published.

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Writers who would like professional feedback and support to help them strengthen their story and expedite the revision process.

Developmental editing

A developmental edit will provide you with a wealth of feedback to guide and inspire you in preparing a more polished final draft.

We’ll review all major elements of your novel including plot lines, characters, dialogue, factual and logical accuracy, pacing, and reader engagement.

Once you’re satisfied with your revisions and we’ve reviewed your changes, you’re ready to move on to a copy edit to perfect your text.

Ginny and Judith were awesome! They edited the heck out of my manuscript 😁 and I loved it! Thank you so much, Book Helpline!!!

Amaka Weaver

For the Rest of Us

I highly recommend Book Helpline because you cannot find a more qualified and dedicated team of professionals to help you through the publishing process – editing, ghost writing, proof reading, formatting, cover design, Amazon file uploading, etc. Book Helpline is 5 Star Plus organization that delivers excellent results.

Daniel Siberio

The Seven Principles of Life

This is what you’ll get

With a developmental edit you’ll receive an editor’s report and extensive inline comments.

The Editor’s Report provides feedback and suggestions on plot lines (progression, consistency, resolution), the characters (believability, motivations), handling of dialogue, pacing, and reader engagement.

The editor will provide an opinion on the overall quality and publishing potential of the current draft.

The Inline Comments will help you fine-tune the details of the story and make sure everything is clear, consistent, and logical.

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